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crème glacèe

vive la france!

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in the late 1700's our third president of the united states, thomas jefferson spent four years in france; visiting paris and traveling throughout the french countryside where he was known to have first indulged in the french delicacy - crème glacèe.


in the spirit of french cuisine, crème glacèe; or ice cream, was hand crafted in a small pewter sabotiere, using only the finest cream, eggs + sugar, nothing more. 


crème glacèe was simply adorned

with fresh cut fragrant herbs and spices, succulent fruits and fancifully crafted liquors served atop warm + flaky pastries.

upon his return to the united states

in1789 thomas brought with him a hand written recipe for french style vanilla

ice cream. america's oldest known

recipe for vanilla ice cream.

merci thomas!

in the years to follow, hundreds

of gallons of this frozen delicacy were served at thomas' estate monticello and throughout our nation's capital,

including the white house.

perhaps it is for this historic reason

that vanilla ice cream has become the preferred flavor of this great country of ours. it’s rich flavor and subtle aromatic fragrance makes it the perfect canvas

for exquisite and curated toppings.

bar crème has revitalized this classic

style of indulging in ice cream the way

the french intended more than

two centuries ago.

vive la france!


bar crème


our small batch ice cream, crafted

in the same manner as traditional french style vanille crème glacèe, is made with rich

non - gmo organic cream and eggs, raw sugar and the world's most exquisite fair trade vanilla beans responsibly

sourced from farms around the globe.

valrhona premium french chocolate

produced in the small village of tain l'hermitage near the south of france,

is the base for our chocolate ice cream, warm and chilled drinks, as well as

the lucious chocolate drippings we so

generously laddle atop our well

portioned ice cream scoops. 


fini balsamic vinegar infused dark

chocolate drizzle is a personal favorite.

''je t'aime bar creme'' 


“bar crème is not just another
ice cream shop."
"it is a well curated, chef-driven culinary experience designed to ignite your senses.” 
                                           -thom ziegenhardt

bar crème


local harvest, organic seasonal

fruits are soaked in small batch

premium liquors and served warmed

over vanilla ice cream. the fruits pair

nicely with a handsome selection of nuts,

seeds, fresh ground spices and hand

cut locally grown herbs.

choose from a selection of thoughtfully curated creations or explore your inner chef to create a truly unique and personalized offering.

whether a date night out after dinner

or the movies; or a day at the mall with

the family, our ice cream creations,  malts + shakes, craft soda floats, haute chocolate or specialty

coffee drinks will be just

that something special

you are craving!  

bon appetit!




bar creme


deliciously   delightfully   decadent





merci beaucoup!

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